Use the slider above to select the number of student accounts you would like to set up on Vocabulous.

Subscriptions run for a year from the date of signing up.


If you are using the site with 33 students in Year 6, select the 40 option.

If you are using the site with 175 students in Year 7, select the 180 option.

If you are using the site with 125 students in Year 7 and 130 students in Year 8, select the 260 option.

School subscriptions include:

  • Individual website login for each student and unlimited teacher accounts
  • A 36-week course of vocabulary lessons, carefully sequenced to include the most useful Latin and Greek root patterns
  • Over 400 instructional videos and quizzes26 roots to learn and 10 end-of-level assessments to complete
  • Access to students’ data including their score, time taken, number of attempts and date played
  • Printable resources including certificates, bookmarks, display materials and "root of the week" posters in PDF format
  • Extension worksheets for stretching and challenging able students
  • Technical support via email at

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Frequently Asked Questions


Vocabulous is currently being used by students from Years 5-12.

In primary schools, Vocabulous is often used in-class as part of English teaching. Some schools are choosing to use it once a week, or for 10 minutes a few times a week.

In secondary schools, Vocabulous is more commonly used as a mixture of in-class work and homework. The new roots are learnt in class and quizzes are done at home. Vocabulous is used in English lessons, Classics lessons, Latin lessons or Form time.

Vocabulous is a website so can be used on computers, laptops, tablets, iPads or mobile phones.

Vocabulous has been designed to work on Windows and Mac and with all major browsers. We recommend Google Chrome for best results.

Students are given an individual login to the site so they can complete quizzes and you can see their progress. If students have devices, then they can complete these quizzes as part of the lesson. If they don't have devices, you can still complete the 10 minute Learn module in class on the board to introduce students to a new root and then set the quizzes for homework.

Some schools are teaching the roots on-screen as a class, and then students are completing paper worksheets, rather than using devices. There is a full set of root worksheets and extension worksheets on the website.

Yes! Vocabulous is a 36 week course (26 roots and 10 consolidation badges), so it's ideal for weekly use over one academic year or fortnightly over two academic years. 

Your child will have a unique login to Vocabulous. This may have been stuck into their planner or English book by their teacher. They can use this to log in, then look at their 'Profile' page and the 'My Progress' page to see what they need to work on.

Yes. We are compliant with data protection laws and the ICO Age Appropriate Design Code. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Data Processing Agreement for further information.

Yes - just fill in your details here to be set up with a 14-day free guest account.

We're also happy to answer any questions! Just email

If you teach in a state school and think that the cost of Vocabulous might be a barrier, please contact to enquire about financial support available from Classics for All to support the cost of your school’s first year of Vocabulous.